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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reversible Car Seat Straps

Well folks, here it is... my very first craft. And here I am lacking good pictures. Sorry guys! I should have done some step by step pictures, but honestly, I was so excited to make these that it just slipped my mind. But, it's ok, I will be referring you to the site that has the tutorial and plenty of pictures (much better than mine too).  I will also take a picture tomorrow in the daylight of the straps in Elise's car seat. 

I don't know why, but I just absolutely love these things. I think they are so fun and super easy to ship together (nice for a beginning sewer as myself). You can use any fabric you choose. The first set I started with were minky, and well as it turns out, minky is a challenging material to work with. So I scrapped that and went for flannel. I was so excited when I found the flannel print with the birds because my mother-in-law made Elise a car seat cover with the same colors and a bird on it as well. I love it when things match! 

So here is the free tutorial, from a blog called The Sweet LifeSimple Reversible Car Seat Strap Covers. (There are 2 links here... the first one takes you to the home page and the other to the tutorial itself). 

To you mommies (or mommies to be) of young ones, give this tutorial a try. They are a little blessing for babies. I used to notice Elise getting red marks on her neck from her car seat straps. And hey, even if you aren't a mommy or expecting, these make great gifts. I gave a set just like this to my sister-in-law and am sending another set to one of J's friends wife. In fact, I am just anxiously waiting to find out what 2 other friends are having so I can make them some as well! 

Lastly, I hope you enjoy making these yourself. 

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