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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baby Crinkle Tag Toy

Found myself with some more free time this morning, so I hopped onto my Sewing Board on Pinterest and decided to browse for an easy project that I could make with either material I have on hand or some scrap material.  I came across this little Baby Crinkle Square from Joy's Hope that I thought I would try out. 

This was so easy to make that I think I will have to make several of these. Luckily, I know quite a few ladies who have just had babies or will be having babies very soon that I can make these for. 

I made mine with one side of flannel polka dot and the other was pink camo cotton quilting fabric. This is an awesome thing to make with scrap material. I only had a couple of colors of wide ribbon and I wanted to tie in some more purple so I added some thinner ribbon. I think for the future I will stick with all wider ribbon. 

For the inside crinkly layer, I used 3 6x6 pieces of Cellophane that I have. Glad I found a use for this stuff b/c I bought a large roll of it for Easter and didn't know what else to do with it.  

 It's perfectly crinkly! 
Here's the reverse side.

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