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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Yoga Towel Review

Shout out to my fitness gals! You're going to love this product and even better yet, there is a discount code available for you to save 10% off!!! Read on...

This is my first time ever using a "yoga towel". I'll admit, for the longest time I thought they were just like towels you wiped yourself off with when doing hot Yoga. (you're probably shaking your head at my stupidity). Well, if you were like me, guess what, that's totally NOT what they are meant for. Hahaha. You use them on top of your yoga mat WHILE you are doing hot yoga. 

This mat is amazing in that it provides a better grip and keeps your sweaty body from slipping all over the place. The extra hand towel is so... well, handy! Wipe off your hands and your forehead and you are good to go. The fabric is high quality  microfiber. However, it is unlike any other microfiber I have ever felt before. It's thick, it's soft, it's kind of plush and feels almost rubbery. Strange way to describe it, but that's the best I know how. It's very absorbent and perfectly grippy. The towel itself is extra long and the hand towel is a very decent size as well. Elise and I did a little beginners yoga sesh today and she used the hand towel as her "yoga mat". Too cute, right?!
disregard all that random junk in the background

I used my Yoga Towel for stretching after a sweaty workout last night. Embarrassing story, my hands sweat a ton...huge reason why I never really even do normal yoga in the first place. Can you imagine me trying to support myself on my hands while they're slipping and sliding around?! Super embarrassing. But alas, my problem is solved with this awesome towel! Anyway, I used my hand towel to wipe my hands when I needed to and was able to do some of my cool down workouts and stretching with no worries about the sweaty palms. 

Some uses I noticed suggested on there site is using this as a picnic towel or beach towel, and it is certainly large enough for doing that as well.

The first picture shows the vibrant color (Rose Pink) of this towel really well, but if you hop on their website you will find pics of the other colors available. (Grey, Green, Ocean Blue, Orange, Purple, Rose Pink and Teapot Blue) My faves being this pink of course, then the Teapot Blue and Grey. They also have a wonderful money back guarantee and they're a small business. Huge thumbs-up there. I love supporting small businesses! Be sure to check out their other products as well.

***Oh and most importantly, notice on there, the Coupon Code to save yourself some $$ on when you purchase one for yourself...and maybe one for your mom or best workout buddy***

I'd love to hear any questions from you guys or any feedback. I hope you enjoyed this review and I look forward to sharing many more great products with you all. 
I did receive this product in exchange for my honest review on Amazon, which you can find here.