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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Better than Buillon

A few years back a friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful food product.  It truly lives up to its name... it IS better than bouillon. The base is super concentrated which makes this product go a long way and worth every penny. 
Better Than Bouillon comes in a large assortment of flavor bases as well as a variety of options such as organic, kosher, and reduced sodium. You can find the basic flavors like chicken, beef and vegetable in most grocery stores. If you are unable to find the more unique flavors like clam, lobster or mushroom, go to the link that I have provided above and order a jar today! 
I really urge you to purchase this product. I would even suggest having a variety of flavors on hand. This product is so versatile, you won't regret following my advise on this one! 

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