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Friday, May 17, 2013

Homemade Baby Gifts

Home sewn baby gifts galore for baby boy Ramirez

 Burp cloths along with matching car seat strap covers.  You can refer to my previous post about the strap covers, that I think are brilliant, HERE.
I also made a matching bib in this set. Here is the link to the burp cloths shown in this set: The Best Burp Cloths

 This is a look at the 3 bibs in the other set. 

 ...and just so you can see what they look like when they are opened up. I think these are my fave b/c the hug around your neck when they're over your shoulder. You can find the tutorial for these at: Cloud9Fabrics
 Last is this little gem. I made my first receiving blanket. Let me just tell you, I cannot cut a straight line for the life of me. Part of the reason probably is that I don't have a large enough cutting table. Fortunately, the end result was not TOO crooked. I also had a hard time making the rounded edges them same...but hey, IT IS my first time afterall. Maybe one day I will perfect these. 

As you can see, I did a sweet monogram with the alternating fabric that I chose. The perks of having a Silhouette cutting machine! Unfortunately, it was a bit hard to get it to stay on with just ironing it, so I had to also do a stitch around it. It would have probably looked a little more fun if the "fancy-stitch" setting worked on my machine, but sadly, it does not. 

If you would like the tutorial on this simple receiving blanket you can head over to Stay-At-Home Artist's blog. (You will notice that my corners look nothing like hers. Oops.) 

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