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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tissue Pom Madness

Holy smokes, somebody help me! I might be getting out of control with these things. They are just to fun to make! So many colors and patterns in my collection (Only a few people know my unhealthy obsession with buying tissue paper just because it's pretty)...oh the possibilities.

You may be wondering how this madness even started. Well, Elise's birthday is coming up in just a little over a month and part of my ideas for decor is pink tissue pom flowers. I figured that since I never made one before, I ought to practice. Here's my very first one: It's a mini version and kind of wimpy if you ask me.
I've decided to just hang this little guy on one of Elise's drawers. 

So after I made this poor excuse of a poofy tissue pom, I decided I ought to make some improvements if I am going to make some for the party. 

This was my second one. Huge improvement if you ask me! 
This one is just sitting on top of a mini cake stand that I have on Elise's dresser. 
I think it fits her room decor well.

So after deciding how fun these were to make I made a couple more. I think the Zebra striped one will go in my office and the other I plan to bring to a co-worker for her desk. 

If you have possibly been inspired by these, check out the link where I found the greatest tissue pom tutorial.  She gives you measurements for all sizes and ideas for use! My favorite is the tiered hanging poms. These would be great hanging in a nursery or as I plan to use them, party decor!

Hopefully you don't get tissue pom fever like me ;)

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